Sexual Problems


Sexual and healing magics represent a fascinating example of how gender roles and ideologies were viewed, negotiated, and enacted in early modern Spain and colonial Latin America. While the rituals associated with the invoked spells and incantations had the appearance of religion, they constituted an act of revolt, an inversion of values in such matters as family dynamics, and the understanding of the power to change people into animals, and thus had moral and political overtones.

The Real Love Psychic

 this kind of witchcraft, which also included the use of plants and other elements of nature, functioned in the context of women’s networks across classes and races. 

These relationships provided support for individuals as they faced life crises and goals, for seeking to fulfill their hearts’ desires.


Sex Witch combines occult knowledge with tried-and-true relationship advice to provide spells for each stage of a relationship. Self-love, seduction, sex, love, protection, revenge, and healing are all covered. 

 The spells, such as “A Tarot Spread to Find Which Relationship Format Is Right for You,” “No TERFS Allowed: Embrace Gender Identity,” and “Consecrate Sex Toys” use occult knowledge and Saint Thomas’s award-winning relationship writing to manifest a spellbook that does something genuinely magickal: it works.

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