Performing a ritual successfully depends on being exact with the steps to follow, if we want the ritual to really work, you must be very careful. I advise you that if you like to venture into the world of Rituals, read these tips carefully so that your Ritual is successful.A Ritual that is not well done will not work. There are a series of spiritual rules and directions that must be followed. Remember that a badly done Ritual will not work for you. There are a few steps to follow that can be used for any Ritual.

Prepare your mind. Choose the appropriate day, before starting you can put on soft music, eliminate any thoughts that are in your mind and that are not related to the Ritual. Put away any worries. Try to do your Ritual at a time when you are not expecting visitors or when there are children in the house. Before you start, relax and put aside the thoughts that are invading you. Close your eyes and think about what you are going to get with the ritual.Place your mind in an energy focused on what you want to achieve. 

Visualize the process in your mind . Everything that comes to your being must be positive, imagine, visualize and recreate in your mind what you want to obtain with your ritual. Think about your ritual! With faith, remember that if you don’t have faith, the magic will not work. Remember the importance of concentration and the energy that you put into each Ritual that you are going to do.Prepare yourself mentally. Before you start, relax and let go of any worries. 

The best Ritual is the one that is done with faith in God and in your spiritual guide. Rituals are a way of concentrating on a particular request. Your mind plays a fundamental role, since if it is focused on your desire, that is what will give the necessary strength to the candles, incense, or any material that you are going to use. . 

It is important to explain that a Ritual works slowly but surely , it is not like a magic carpet that you get on and it takes you where you want to go instantly. A Ritual is a spiritual aid to attract something we need, such as love, money, work, it is also used to help us remove negative things from our lives, it helps us to remove something that is hindering our evolution or is harming us. Also a Ritual can help us rise above the circumstances and achieve improvement in every way.It is very important that we understand that 

Rituals are part of a divine plan and that they are never used to dominate someone , nor can they be done when we are angry with negative thoughts towards someone. The most important thing is to let the Law of Karma do the purification work. What I mean by this? That if someone has hurt you or caused you a problem, it is not necessary to use a Ritual, because there is the Law of Karma, a universal Law where the Universe, God does the work. It is a law of cause and effect. If we do good things we will receive good things and if we do bad things that is exactly what we will receive.

Always ask for your good and the good of others.It is very important to choose a ritual for each particular case. I have Rituals for each situation and I adapt it according to the circumstances of each person who needs it. Remember that 

you must have a place where you can perform your Rituals . It must be a safe place, an altar that you will adapt to your possibilities, where there is no danger of fire with candles or incense, which have windows for ventilation and where we can concentrate.You will need a small table that will serve as your altar, which you will cover with a white or sky blue tablecloth. It is not recommended to do Rituals in your bathroom. There you will only be able to do purification bath rituals for yourself, where herbs and aromatic essences will be used.

Rituals should never be done in the company of another person. Not even with your pet by your side, since the magic is cut off by the energy that can be crossed.

It is very important not to be interrupted in the ritual. That is why you should choose a place where no one enters or leaves. Once the Ritual has begun, it cannot be interrupted, if this happens you must start it again with different materials. Always remember to burn aloe vera (sage) before beginning any Ritual. Prepare your materials in time and organize them on your work table. 

If you have to say a prayer you have to say it with faith and invoke the angels or the Divine Spirit so that the Divine force is consolidated . May your faith in the Entities of Light be absolute and trust that what you are doing will give the desired results. Remember that prayer and petition must be said out loud. 

We should never expect immediate results . Energy works are safe but slow and it can take several days and sometimes weeks to start seeing results.Whenever you do a Ritual fill the room with flowers offering them to the Beings of Light. 

Always remember to give thanks as if what you are asking for in the ritual has already been fulfilled. “Thank you Thank you Thank you to all the Beings of Light who are accompanying me in this Ritual. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… for having granted me my wish”!I am sure that every time you ask me for a ritual you will take these tips into account so that your Ritual is effective and I wholeheartedly hope that all your wishes are fulfilled.

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